Learn about Ayurveda & the Microbiome

with Dr. Robert Svoboda and Scott Blossom

I’ve spent most of my lifetime studying and teaching about Ayurveda, and have been fascinated by the research coming out about our microbiome and how it relates to overall health – and how this aligns with Ayurvedic wisdom. That is why I’m excited to announce a new online course that will go into depth on the subject and give you information you can apply to your own health right now.

Join Scott Blossom L.Ac. and myself for this new live course: Ayurveda and the Microbiome, which will explore what the microbiome is, how it relates to the body and mind, and how you can best support your microbiome health right now.

This course will take place over ten days live on Zoom, and consist of three 1.5 hour lectures and one 1.5 hour Q&A from June 11 – 20th, 2020. All of the course material will be recorded and you will be able to access the material at any time.

There will also be bonus material like a suggested reading list, a list of foods that support the microbiome, and a private Facebook group where you can interact with your teachers, ask questions and learn more.

If you are already a student of Ayurveda, this course will take your studies even deeper. If you are interested in creating optimal health, this will bring together the in depth knowledge of two medical professionals on one of the most cutting edge and important topics in the field of health right now.

We hope that this course gives you a chance to get a broader frame to think about your health, and empowers you to draw on the wisdom of Ayurveda to support your day-to-day life.

If you’d like to join us, you can do so by going here, or hit reply with your questions and we’ll be happy to answer them.


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