Thriving in Rahu World

In a global climate of uncertainty, in the turmoil of sudden reversals, inexplicable actions and assorted extremes, I cannot but believe that we have entered into a new dimension of what I like to refer to as “Rahu World”, negotiating which will require greater than ever focus on balance and calm. According to some students of Jyotisha (Indian astrology), during the fall of 2015 the United States moved into its third Rahu mahadasha, or main period during which Rahu is of primary influence. Since unfortunately Rahu encourages acts that are not bound by facts, and incites action to be taken swiftly (and, often, inaccurately), this means a likely increase in all manner of errors, in public life as well as in private.
Rahu is a graha, a celestial force that seizes the mind, and is as a chaya graha, a “shadow planet” that is not even visible to us; also known as the North Node of the moon, it and its alter ego Ketu (the South Node) are the points in the sky where eclipses take place. Just as eclipses temporarily dim the light of the sun or the moon, Rahu and Ketu foment instability of both mind and body. Iconographically Rahu is represented by a head that has been severed from its body, meaning that Rahu cannot digest the many experiences it swallows so it craves ever more. Today Rahu possesses human hosts in the hundreds of millions as people disconnect from their bodies and project their awarenesses out onto shadowy world of the internet.
Rahu, which provokes vata aggravation, commonly promotes delusion. In Rahu World the more certain you are that you are seeing things accurately, the more likely it is that you are missing a key piece to the puzzle. Desires balloon outward, and the more you pursue them the more depleted will become your entire system. Make it a habit: if you feel motivated to do something today, wait until tomorrow to do it after re-evaluating. If your motivation is strong, wait at least a week. And if you feel like you must act immediately and cannot fail to act then wait one month, or even one year. 
Vata excess responds to better rest, adequate stamina-building exercise, abundant consumptions of soups and stews, regular meditation and regular massage (including abhyanga). 
Good things can and do happen in Rahu World, when original thinking used for beneficent ends allows for big changes to be made in a short while. Building communities of like-minded people that ignore political barriers to push for specific stable and fact-based outcomes would be a good use of Rahu Time.
May you be balanced in this time of uncertainty!