Dr. Svoboda’s books on the sciences of India

Aghora I: At the Left Hand of God

The first book in the Aghora trilogy which features the teachings of Dr. Svoboda’s mentor, the Aghori Vimalananda. Written almost entirely in Vimalananda’s own words, it presents events from his life, tenets of his philosophy, and highlights from his spiritual practices. Designed partly to shock and partly to comfort, but wholly as an offering to his Beloved, Aghora is a picture of a man who was a riddle wrapped up in an enigma. Published in English (US and India), French, Italian, Spanish, and Russian, and available as an ebook on Kindle.

Aghora II: Kundalini

The second book in the Aghora trilogy featuring Dr. Svoboda’s mentor the Aghori Vimalananda, focusing on Kundalini, the transformative power of the enlightened self. Kundalini, the root from which all spiritual experiences sprout, has remained secret for so long because it cannot be explained, only experienced. This book recounts how Vimalananda introduced Dr. Svoboda to Kundalini, and took him step by step through the practices used to awaken Her. It examines mantras, yantras, tantric practices, and shows how normally mundane things like music, food, and even the noise of trains rumbling down tracks can be turned to one’s spiritual benefit. Published in English (US and India), Italian, and Russian.

Aghora III: The Law of Karma

The third book in the Aghora trilogy featuring Dr. Svoboda’s mentor the Aghori Vimalananda takes a look at karma, any action you perform while identifying yourself as the performer of that action. To explain this concept Vimalananda uses the backdrop of the Bombay racecourse as a potent metaphor for the ultimate game of life, where destinies and fortunes are forged or lost at the finish line. Has been published in English (US and India), Italian, and Russian.

Ayurveda for Women

Ayurveda is India’s ancient system of health and healing that is sufficiently universal to be used beneficially in any culture, in any era, by anyone. Focusing on the modern woman’s need to heal and empower her body, mind and spirit in a fast-moving world, this book offers practical advice to women of all ages on applying those principles in everyday life. Has been published in English (US and India), Czech, Norwegian.

Ayurveda: Life, Health and Longevity

A definitive handbook on India’s ancient science of life, Ayurveda, for practitioners and students alike. Utilizing herbs and minerals, proper nutrition and purification and, above all, affirmative ways of living, Ayurveda treats not just the ailment but the whole person and emphasizes prevention of disease to avoid the need for cure. Has been published in English (US and India), Spanish, and is available on Kindle.

Light on Life

A thorough introduction to Jyotish, India’s system of divination, an ancient and complex assembly of methods of exploring the nature of time and space and their effect upon the individual. Jyotish maintains that by considering the state of the cosmos when an event occurs we can begin to understand its nature, and to prepare an appropriate response. Formerly a mystery to the West, the subject has now been clarified and explained in this handbook by Hart de Fouw and Dr. Robert Svoboda, two experts and long-term practitioners. Available in English in the US and India.

Light on Relationships

Building on some of the best principles from both Eastern and Western astrological traditions, authors Hart de Fouw and Dr. Robert E. Svoboda present a synthesized approach to horoscope compatibility analysis, developed over years of experimentation. This approach blends principles of analysis familiar to those who have studied Indian astrology with lesser-known techniques culled from the classic texts and oral traditions of Jyotisha. The authors maintain that your chart outlines your fate only in that it reflects your traits and ideals — karmas dictated by past actions and conditioning — which can be mediated by exercising free will. Chart analysis then becomes a useful tool for self-awareness when examining a relationship: what strengths complement each other and what weaknesses will require conscious work. Published in English and available on Kindle.

Prakriti: Your Ayurvedic Constitution

Your prakriti, or personal constitution, is your inborn pattern of predominating attributes, the sum of your innate tendencies, the source of what manifests within your personal physiological microcosm. Many of the traits you prize in yourself, and many of the qualities you hate, spring from your prakriti. This book introduces prakriti and the philosophy that created it, and shows how we can use knowledge of prakriti to optimize our health and well-being. Has been published in English (US and India) and Russian, and on Kindle.

Tao and Dharma: Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda

A book that explores the enduring features of humanity’s longest and continually practiced systems of medicine. These two indigenous healing arts that arose independently in China and India communed and exchanged experience, techniques, and therapeutic substances over the epochs of their development. This is a pioneer effort in examining side by side two great systems of medicine, studying closely the historical, theoretical and practical relationships. In so doing, it offers these ancient paradigms access into the practice of modern healing for a synergistic, inclusive approach. Written with Dr. Arnie Lade. Available in English and on Kindle.

The Greatness of Saturn

The telling of mythic stories has always been a powerful form of therapy, bringing healing to people facing adversity. The Greatness of Saturn is such a therapeutic myth, told and retold through many centuries, presented here in a translation with extended commentary by Dr. Svoboda. Taken from the Vedic tradition, it honors the planet Saturn, who personifies time, limitation, loss, and all forms of adversity. Has been published in English (US and India) and Russian and on Kindle.

The Hidden Secret of AyurvedaThe Hidden Secret of Ayurveda

A short introductory book on the ancient Indian healing system known as Ayurveda. This book provides the working principles of Ayurveda, showing how Ayurveda can be adapted and integrated into life in a practical way. Published in English (US and India) and Italian and on Kindle.

Vastu: Breathing Life into Space

Vastu is the Indian science of space, similar to the Chinese feng shui, which extends the knowledge of circulation of the life force (prana) in the body to the spaces around us. This book offers an introductory look at the dynamics of space and reveals how aligning ourselves to our personal spaces can be of benefit. Available in English and on Kindle.