New Audio: Dr. Svoboda on Niyama

Last weekend Dr. Svoboda gave a talk in Kuala Lumpur on niyama (the contracts we make with ourselves) and creating good patterns in our lives. Some of the key take home messages included:

1. Make a commitment to your health.

2. Add and subtract new habits slowly, one at a time.

3. Only once you are stable in a new pattern should you move on to changing or adding another.

4. Pick an auspicious time to begin any new niyama. The morning, beginning of the month or year, an auspicious day or time (Jyotisha, or Indian astrology, is helpful for this), or the day after the new moon are all good options. It is also good to fast or purify some how the day before you begin.

5. Failure happens; don’t dwell.

6. Every once in a while, you should break your pattern so that you remember why you are keeping your niyama in the first place. Don’t strive to be perfectly pure — during the Kali Yuga this is not helpful or possible.

The full talk is now available on Dr. Svoboda’s website. Listen here.