Living with Reality – Ep. 16 – Navaratri & The Goddess

In celebration of Chaitri Navaratri, join Dr. Svoboda in a vibrant trip through India, worshipping the Divine Mother and learning the myths and traditions of Navaratri—festivals honoring the Goddess.

In honor of Chaitri Navaratri—nine nights celebrating the Goddess this April 13th – 22nd 2021—Paula Crossfield introduces a dharma talk from Dr. Robert Svoboda highlighting the astrological and spiritual significance of this spring Navaratri. Illuminating various aspects of the Divine Mother, Dr. Svoboda shares myths and traditions from five important Navaratri celebrations throughout the year, before offering insights on practice and intention during this potent time for worship and prayer.

Navaratri: Celebrating the Divine Mother

In this auditory ride through the colorful and vibrant streets of India, Dr. Svoboda outlines the celebration of Navaratri—nine nights each month in worship of the Goddess. Describing five of the most important Navaratri festivals throughout the year from various regions in India, Dr. Svoboda illuminates aspects of the Divine Mother, offering insights of intention and prayer for cultivating our own personal relationship.

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