Living with Reality – Ep. 32 – Planets, Prana and Purpose with Paula Crossfield 


Dr. Svoboda and Paula Crossfield discuss finding purpose with the help of planets in the great game of cosmic pinball.

Dr. Svoboda says that Saturn is the planet of experiences. It is the archetypal force that reminds us that we must accept the responsibility to have experiences. Whether we want an experience or not, we have to interact with reality. On the surface, we see the movement of karma and certain causes and effects. However, what is behind everything is difficult to see. Sometimes looking at the movements of the nine planets can give us insight. Planets can indicate which karmas will be manifested at which moment based on how they are constellated in the moment and in your horoscope. Planets themselves do not make things happen, but they make us aware of what has the likelihood of happening.

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