Living with Reality – Ep. 47 – Lessons from Vimalananda with Dr. Fred Smith & Paula Crossfield

“This was a way that he was teaching, by just sensitizing us to use our own senses” – Dr. Fred Smith

This time on Living with Reality, Dr. Robert Svoboda, Dr. Fred Smith, and Paula Crossfield discuss:
  • How Dr. Svoboda and Dr. Smith met Vimalananda
  • Transforming what we ingest
  • The unusual and auspicious things that Vimalananda made happen
  • Vimalananda’s capacity to enliven tantric forces
  • Dealing with karmic debt
  • Being attuned to the celestial realm
  • Vimalananda’s lessons on the cosmic forces in trees
  • Becoming sensitized to our own senses
  • Magic and mantras in the kitchen
  • The challenges of being born in the west

You can listen here or below.