Prana, Pranayama & Hanuman

Dr. Svoboda talks about Prana, or the life force in the body, how we cultivate it through Pranayama, and tells stories and details about the god Hanuman, the embodiment of Prana, service and devotion.

What will you learn? All this and so much more:

  • What Prana is, how to relate to it
  • Recommendations for pranayama and thoughts on working with our breath in our daily lives
  • Stories of Hanuman, how Hanuman relates to the air element, Hanuman’s relationship to Shiva and Saturn
  • How disease begins from Prana not moving properly and how to counter this

Plus you get a 50-minute teaching on the Hanuman Chalisa, with a detailed explanation and translation of the text, a recording of Dr. Svoboda singing the Hanuman Chalisa, plus links and recommendations for further reading and exploration.

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