Practicing Reality: The Senses & The Koshas

A deep dive into our senses and the koshas and how to work with them to incinerate our limitations

In these two courses with Dr. Svoboda, we will look at how you can better navigate your limitations in order to thrive wherever you find yourself using the lenses of the koshas, or sheaths of the body, and the five senses.

Practicing Reality Is a way of looking at our existence, that we are “practicing” and always learning.

In the first course, we looked at the five koshas, or the five “bodies” that make up a human being, and how to use this information to really work in detail with our own gross and subtle body to recognize where we are out of alignment and make changes to activate wisdom and bliss in the body.

In the second course, the focus is the five jnanendriyas, or senses of perception – smell, taste, sight, touch and hearing – those organs of perception that manage the nourishment and protection of those bodies. We examine each sense from both the perspectives of Ayurveda and of modern science. This course explores the ways in which each sense interacts with the rest of the organism, on the physical, pranic and mental levels, and how they collaborate with our karmendriyas, or senses of action, to govern how we act on our perceptions.

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