Ayurveda & the Microbiome

with Dr. Svoboda and Scott Blossom L.Ac.

Understanding the human microbiome requires a systems thinking approach, and systems thinking is at the foundation of Ayurveda. From their origins in the primordial seas microbes have co-evolved with all other living creatures and profoundly influence all aspects of health, immunity, and longevity. Drawing from modern research and core Ayurvedic principles Dr. Robert Svoboda and Scott Blossom L.Ac. will explore answers to the following questions:

  • What is the microbiome and how does it fit into Ayurveda?
  • How do we optimize microbiome health using Ayurvedic practices?
  • What factors affect the microbiome and how does it relate to other systems?
  • How do the functions of the microbiome align with the concept of Agni?
  • Can we consider the microbiome to be an organ system and if so what are the implications of this relationship from the Ayurvedic perspective?

The course includes four two hour sessions consisting of three lectures and one Q&A.

All classes are available to watch right away when you purchase, and you will have lifetime access to this material. You will also get access to extras, like suggested reading, info about foods that promote gut health, and a private Facebook group.

Each class utilizes detailed slides to present the information, with practical information for assisting your microbiome according to the wisdom of Ayurveda and modern science. You will also get access to these slides to revisit at your leisure.

Here’s what students of the Ayurveda & the Microbiome courses are saying:

“As always Dr Svoboda and Dr Scott deliver a high-end, extremely enjoyable teaching experience. Both doctors have a way of explaining every concept and every detail in such depth that the subject becomes quite fascinating and very easy to grasp and then use in one’s daily practice.”

~Vanessa G.

“Taking this course really changed my approach to staying healthy. While I’ve practiced Ayurveda for a long time, I never really grasped that my living microbiome were very crucial to my optimal health and immune response—that I need to keep them happy, well-fed, and balanced… There are so many important details and helpful suggestions discussed in this leading edge course.”

~Mark C.


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