Foundations of Ayurveda I

Online Course co-taught by Dr Robert Svoboda and Dr Claudia Welch

In this multi-media course, Dr. Robert E. Svoboda and Dr. Claudia Welch present an in-depth exploration of the language and foundational principles and concepts of Ayurveda.

If you are able to fully understand and digest this course, together with Foundations of Ayurveda Part II, they are comparable to a semester of Ayurvedic in-person training and prepare students to incorporate Ayurveda concepts and practices into a yoga practice, an established medical practice, or to go on to pursue clinical study in Ayurveda.

While a couple decades ago, it was hard to find any information on Ayurveda in the West at all, today we face a different challenge. There are so many Ayurvedic educational resources that it can be daunting to find ones we trust to be accurate, authentic, and well-organized. It took years for Drs. Svoboda and Welch to obtain, assimilate, practice, and organize this knowledge in a manner that the Western mind may readily grasp. The potency of this course lies in its enlivened, organized, concise delivery of in-depth, authentic information and knowledge, based in rich experience.

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