Gateway to Health:
Ayurveda & the Oral Microbiome

With Dr. Robert Svoboda and Scott Blossom L.Ac.

The health of your mouth is key for the overall health of the body.

Your oral microbiome, the collective genome of microorganisms that reside in the mouth, is the second largest microbial community in the human body.

Scientific research has shown that the health of your oral microbiome has far reaching implications for the health of major organ systems including the lungs, heart, brain, and gut.

This course provides an in-depth examination of the science of the oral microbiome and a presentation of Ayurvedic perspectives and practices for maintaining the health of the oral microbiome and gut.

Consider the following:

  • The oral microbiome is the source of thelung microbes that can prevent or encourage lung disease.
  •  Bacteria that causes gum disease can get into the bloodstream, along with plaque from the teeth to cause inflammation, blood clots and narrowed blood vessels and contribute to hypertension and strokes.
  • Research has documented Erectile Dysfunction (ED) improvement with periodontal treatment.
  •  Growing evidence suggests a potential link between some infectious diseases caused by oral microbiota and Alzheimer’s dementia.

The course includes three two-hour lectures and one two-hour Q&A, as well as practical recommendations and recipes for supporting your oral health.

Once you make your purchase, you’ll get connected to all of the classes inside the course portal, and you will have lifetime access to these recordings and other materials.

You will also get access to extras, like suggested reading, studies, info about foods that promote the oral microbiome, and a private Facebook group.

Each class utilizes detailed slides to present the information, with practical information for assisting your microbiome according to the wisdom of Ayurveda and modern science. You will be able to download these slides to revisit them at your leisure.

We were also luck to have Dr. Fred Pockrass, DDS, joining us to share insight on how to advocate for your dental care and to answer some student questions. His recommendations are listed inside the course.

Here’s what students of past Ayurveda & the Microbiome series of courses are saying:

As always Dr Svoboda and Dr Scott deliver a high-end, extremely enjoyable teaching experience. Both doctors have a way of explaining every concept and every detail in such depth that the subject becomes quite fascinating and very easy to grasp and then use in one’s daily practice.”

~Vanessa G.

“Taking this course really changed my approach to staying healthy. While I’ve practiced Ayurveda for a long time, I never really grasped that my living microbiome were very crucial to my optimal health and immune response—that I need to keep them happy, well-fed, and balanced… There are so many important details and helpful suggestions discussed in this leading edge course.”

~Mark C.

*This course is not available inside the Satsanga Subscription with Dr. Svoboda.

**For answers to Frequently Asked Questions, scroll to the bottom of the page.


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